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Where do you fit in your client’s agency mix?

How do they see and use you? When and why do they reach out to you?

Agencies are often thought about in 3 ways…:

  1. Do for me - I ping them a specific task and they do it e.g. design a leaflet.
  2. Help me think - I come to them with a strategic challenge and they help answer it e.g. campaign ideas.
  3. Think for me - I rely on them to guide my business plans and key decision making e.g. brand consultancy.

Your value is increased the more you can think for and with your clients. The less they question hours, the more they confide in you and remain loyal to you when times are hard.

And high level client partnership is no longer the sole preserve of big creative agencies and consultancies. As the landscape has shifted, many brand leaders have shifted where they look for guidance.

The more clients value you, the more valuable your agency.

So, you must consider your agency value and where you sit in your client’s agency mix.

At Now Next Why our growth advisors are highly experienced in helping agencies climb the value ladder.

Where do you sit on the ladder?