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Earned the T-shirt?

Why would an agency trust advisors who’s experience stops at advising?

If you wanted to learn to fly, you’d hope the instructor had actually been in the air not just the simulator.

Wouldn’t you prefer to get advice from those who have been there and done it themselves?

Advice that’s backed by experience is infinitely more valuable than theoretical principles.

So, if you wanted to scale and sell your business…

Would you go to somebody like Adam Rubins who has scaled and sold his own business or somebody who has been around lots of people who have sold businesses, but not their own.

We’d all go to Adam.

For me, the most valuable thing we have is our experience.

We learn things along the way that you would never learn if you haven’t been through it first hand.

At Now Next Why we have a team of experts who have been there and got the T-shirt.

People who understand your struggles and lead with empathy.

What do you look for in an advisor?